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1912: Titanic Mystery

How to Play: 1912: Titanic Mystery

Welcome aboard Titanic II! The crew of the ship headed by Captain Miller needs you to prevent a number of doomed tragedies from happening. Titanic II is going to repeat the tragic history of its ancestor. Captain Miller is almost the only person who believes in it, that is why he needs your assistance.

The game belongs to the genre of Hidden Objects Games. The Titanic Mystery can be solved only after having found all the clues onboard the ship. You will have a chance to search Café Parisian, 1st Class Stateroom, Wireless Room, Lifeboat and a lot of other places giving the evidence of a coming catastrophe.
At each stage the members of the crew will help you to understand which objects to look for in this or that room. Among such members are Captain Miller, Cole Nesmith, Doctor Elsa Young, Isaac Maryland and Andrew.
Captain Miller has been serving for the Royal Navy of Great Britain for twenty years. And although he is looking forward his first civilian command; his military experience will be very helpful as well.
The other character of “1912: Titanic Mystery” is a ship’s doctor Elsa Young. She believes that all the facilities are very modern and the ship can’t return to the past. Nevertheless, she will always be glad to help.
Cole Nesmith is a band leader and a trumpet player, who is an expert of the 1st class lounge. Isaac Maryland serves this lounge and also knows a lot about it. Andrew is a steward who may also act as a witness.
This crew will help you to prevent the tragedy from repeating after about 100 years.
This game is a hidden objects thriller. Join the challenging journey on the Titanic II, find a bomb and prevent it from exploding and sinking the legendary ship. You will need to solve different tricky riddles and to learn some very important historical facts while playing mini-games.
Good luck!

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