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Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows

How to Play: Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows

Linda begins to investigative journalism. This time, its mission – to check rumors of Bigfoot, which was allegedly seen in a city park. A brave girl goes towards to improbable adventures!

On the main TV channel of turmoil: urgently needed new material about the Bigfoot, about whom so much talk around the city! The chief gives this task to Linda, he is sure that she will successfully cope with it. With the girl visit a city park. You need to find everything that will shed light on the rumors of the mysterious creature. To find out if he really is, go in search of interesting items and solving puzzles. Use the clues and objects from the inventory, they significantly empower you in the investigation. By means of the cursor rearrange things: probably, the most important clues are right behind them! You pass mini-games and earn points. Gradually you will be available documentary information about Bigfoot – these materials were stored for many years in government archives classified as “Top Secret.” Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows goes in search of the legend to find the truth!

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