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Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention

How to Play: Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention

Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention was first introduced in 2010. The magic is quite an everyday occurrence in Albian. And nobody will be surprised by seeing it. You should prepare the castle for a scale event – The Magical Convention. Every year wizards and witches from different lands come on this convention.

You should do the tasks attentively to find different items, thus you have to gather up money to repair the Albian Castle. The modernization of the old castle will be fun and excitement. You will play in some parts of this castle. Jewelry and junk are scattered on the territory of the Albian castle. You should sell all your findings to get money to renovate the interior and exterior areas. For example, the garden will look great with the arbor. And the old bridge can be rebuilt. The new castle towers will shine from afar and invite the guests who are already near the city. The game features many perplexing puzzles, cheerful characters and a lot of fun researching the castle in Albian. Playing this exciting game each player has the possibility to use object talents to detect treasures. You can also help finance to repair and modernize the castle parts. In Chronicles of Albian you’ll meet many bizarre characters. Solve almost a hundred unique puzzles to prepare the old castle for the annual gathering of the greatest magicians in the world. In Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention each player can unlock 20 striking wallpapers and enjoy an excellent soundtrack.

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