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Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare

How to Play: Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare

Hidden Object games are a new trend among quest genres. This games are a favourite pastime of all who wants to kill time and train their attention at the same time. Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare successfully balances on the intersection between horror adventure games and hidden object games. And it should say that it makes it perfectly. This game took the best of the many games. Casual games’ fans and usual fans of quests will find something for all tastes in it. The game has unique mixture of puzzle-solving and point-and-click gameplay.

The storyline, of course, is the important advantage of this game. We will play as Flora Dale, a young woman who is lying comatose in a hospital bed. When she awakes in the hospital, she can’t recognize what happened. There was a holiday: candles, cake, nice music. Flora discovers that she’s won the lottery. And then there was nothing. Why nobody is looking for her?
We have to travel to the depths of her subconscious and memories, trying bit by bit to piece together the events leading up to her accident to solve what happened to her and why.

Also the developers of this game have taken care of the atmosphere. Everything here is in the tradition of high quality horror. Dark memories, inexorable march of time, truly mysterious storyline, dark atmosphere, oppressive depths of the subconscious keep you in suspense all the time.All this puts the Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare on the top of adventure games and sets a new standard among all casual games genres.

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