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Hide and Secret

How to Play: Hide and Secret

You have ahead a fascinating adventure with the game Hide and Secret. Jacques, artful robber, has stolen the Treasures of the Ages from a museum. It happened directly before treasures were presented to the public. He hopes to use magic power hidden in the treasures to rule the world. Your mission in the game Hide and Secret, find the Treasures of the Ages and save the world.

Anna Lyze and Scout will help you with task performance. Jacues со своим помощником Toadie оставляют много ловушек на пути. Вам будет тяжело их выследить. Jacues with the assistant to Toadie leave many traps on a way. It will be heavy to you to track down them. To find treasures it is necessary to overcome all obstacles. You are waiting for some 30 locations with hundreds of unique items hidden.

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