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Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic

How to Play: Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic

Inspector Magnusson is going to investigate conspiracy and the murder on the ship “Titanic”. The ship seems to be doomed. But the Inspector with the help of the gamer will definitely unravel this terrible crime.
The game belongs to the genre of Hidden Objects Games. Following the orders of Captain Smith and Professor Jakob Magnusson the gamer will look for the evidence of the crime.

The crime took place onboard on 14th April in 1912. Charles Taylor, a lowly coal tender, was found dead inside this famous ship. Captain Smith has recourse to Jakob Magnusson, who is a scholar from Sweden. Earlier he was a police inspector and now he is appointed to lead the investigation. Carefully studying the trails of the killer and following them throughout the ship Jacob comes to the conclusion that it was not just a murder, but a conspiracy. He reveals that Charles Taylor was not a simple laborer. Moreover, his murder was just a first step to a crime which will be even more terrible.
Gamers of “Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic” will start their investigation from the engine room of the ship and will go through luxurious lounges and suites. It will help to uncover who the murderer of Charles Taylor was and what the reasons were for such a crime. The clock ticks, the Titanic is closer and closer to its icy date. Gamers have little time to explore a lot of unique locations, to solve puzzles and to look for clues. In the end, the evidence should be pieced together and the murder should be connected with the terrible destiny of the fated ship.
The game has twenty eight astounding scenes with hidden objects. The scenes really captivate and enthrall. Puzzles will challenge thought processes and test the wits. And the gamer will have a chance to interact with suspects, the cast of whom is really very colorful.

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