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Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

How to Play: Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

Bella never could assume that the parcel received by quiet evening without the return address turned her life and plunge into an endless search. The picture in the parcel was a portal to the magical world of the evil sorcerer. Bella hung up a picture in a room of the son, the picture captivated the boy and sent in the other world. Long search for the FBI had no results, and the desperate mother turns to magical forces for help. Explore parallel worlds with her and visit the many spectacular locations, saving them from the spell of the sorcerer.

Exciting gameplay and design to give real pleasure to exacting players. Many puzzles and secret locations await you in this exciting quest. Plunge into the atmosphere of bewitching mystical events with the full version of game and pass all tests in five various worlds to clear each of them of powers of darkness and to return Bella home already together with the son.

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