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Reincarnations: The Awakening

How to Play: Reincarnations: The Awakening

Got interested and fascinated about reincarnation? Then why not try to discover it more using a game?
Reincarnations: The Awakening is an online game that brings an extraordinary journey in a person’s past life.

As a professional copywriter, Jane makes a living by writing articles about makeup and fashion. One day, a major magazine gave her a once-on-a-life opportunity to write a story about reincarnation. To create an award-winning article, she needs to explore and find out her past life.
Help Jane travel across time and space so she can reinvent her destiny in Reincarnations: The Awakening. This software has a lot of attractive scenes and amazing puzzles that can guide Jane in achieving her goal.
Reincarnations: The Awakening is definitely not just an ordinary game of adventure. With its fabulous graphical elements and user-friendly interface, it is as if you really traveled back to the past!

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Reincarnations: The Awakening Walkthrough

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