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Rooms of Memory

How to Play: Rooms of Memory

Seek out the professors trinkets and uncover the Bellows’ family secret.
Discover the mystery behind the Professor Bellows disappearance
Near-endless amounts of hidden object finding fun
Complete quests and craft artifacts and relics
Gorgeous artwork and animations bring this world to life
Connect with Facebook friends and share in-game items

Explore the grounds of Bellows Manor after the professor mysteriously disappears. Piece together his scientific legacy to unravel the mysteries of his vanishingand more! Decode Professor Bellows diary and discover the mysteries within. With the help of the resident staff and a paranormal hidden portal, explore new and exciting locations in the pursuit of answers. Rummage through Bellows belongings in this challenging hidden object game. Search under gradually harder conditions that remove clues and send in pesky spirits to test your perception and object hunting skills. Create artifacts and talismans from the items you uncover. Connect with your Facebook friends and seek a helping hand in acquiring highly sought after trinkets.

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