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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal

How to Play: The Mystery of the Crystal Portal

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is the hidden object bestseller. This game spent more than 1000 days in Top 10 charts of the leading daily game portals. The Mystery of the Crystal Portal features innovative hidden object gameplay, a breathtaking storyline, and staggering full-screen graphics. It is a spectacular escape for the whole family. Embark on an exciting adventure!

Travel with Nicole Rankwist, an ambitious journalist, in search of her missing father who is an archaeologist. He went missing after making an opening that could alter the route of humanity. Enter exotic worlds to seek hidden objects. You should solve ancient puzzles. Help Nicole to search the globe on an eye-popping travel to discover the truth behind her father’s invention. Then get the Crystal Portal piece and bring Nicole Rankwist closer to unraveling an age-old mystery. It will free her father. In this game you can see 7 Picturesque Settings, discover 22 Levels, use pinch to zoom in and out to find all hidden objects and free hints when you are stuck (or buy them to speed up the progress). Playing “The Mystery of the Crystal Portal” you should first uncover Key Objects. And then find the Normal Objects associated with them. Each “?” bar lets you know there’s a Key Object to search. When you need a clue click the HINT button. Finish each level’s Objects to find manifest to rise Nicole on her quest. Use the sacramental weights found in levels 1 and 2 to balance the mystical scales. Go round the world with Nicole to reveal the truth of the mysterious Crystal Portal!

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